‘WandaVision’ Episode 8 leaks reveal a massive time-travel twist

Even nevertheless Wanda Maximoff is the star of her personal series, we you should not know a lot about her. Her introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was jammed into Avengers: Age of Ultron, so there wasn’t a lot time for a total origin story outside of a handful of unhappy traces about her useless dad and mom — but it seems that is all about to improve. A new, unconfirmed leak of images from an approaching WandaVision episode could fill in the gaps of Wanda’s tale. Combined with past leaks, it may perhaps alter the activity dramatically in Episode 8. Warning! Probable spoilers forward.

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Redditor u/BrineDude_Gaming just lately posted two images that they claim to be from an impending episode of WandaVision. 1 demonstrates what seems to be Wanda and Agatha in a dingy area wanting about a smaller baby and a gentleman. One more displays a young girl who appears to be to be lit up by a screen, maybe a television.

The pictures are totally unconfirmed. They may well be photoshopped, but despite the minimal resolution, it does absolutely seem like Wanda and Agatha are highlighted wearing their exact costumes from Episode 7.

Wanda at the finish of Episode 7, carrying the identical factor that seems to be in the leaked photo.Marvel Entertainment

So what does this necessarily mean for WandaVision? Properly, it appears like following 6 episodes of tv fantasies, Wanda will as an alternative be venturing into her memories with the support of Agatha Harkness, Xmas Carol-design.

This will hopefully expose some a lot-wanted background on Wanda’s past and even why she’s working with sitcoms to cope with her grief. Assuming that genuinely is a young Wanda basking in the glow of a Tv set, it will make perception that she could have developed up in Sokoia watching the identical exhibits WandaVision has been parodying for 6 weeks. American reveals in Eastern Europe offered a glimpse of what Western lifetime was like as a type of fantasy, which would explain why Wanda would default to them in her denial of Vision’s legitimate destiny.

The earlier flashback we have found in WandaVision — a Halloween cutaway gag a la Malcolm in the Center.Marvel Amusement

These leaks are especially appealing combined with the past established photographs demonstrating Agnes getting burned at the stake in puritanical outfits. A lot of accurately assumed these leaks intended she was the basic comics witch Agatha Harkness, but we have not viewed that footage in the demonstrate still. Most likely Wanda is not the only a person with a flashback in keep, and we will get a glimpse of Agatha’s earlier. Ideally, that will also consist of some exposition on her connection to Wanda and how she herself ended up in Westview.

Contemplating how WandaVision has now included television demonstrates from the 1950s to the 2010s, it truly is unlikely we’ll get 1 of these demonstrate-inside-a-display episodes yet again. These leaks tease that although the tv format may be gone, we may perhaps nonetheless get a sitcom-fashion flashback effect or two in Episode 8.

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