Turns Out It can be Not Possible to Time Travel Just by Flying Truly Rapidly

The likelihood of time journey has enthusiastic several of us for hundreds of years, inspiring innumerable books and movies. The capability to transfer not only via area but into the past or foreseeable future would open a myriad of choices for humankind.


But is it theoretically even attainable to time travel?

In the authentic 1978 Superman film, Superman goes again in time by flying all around the world quicker than the velocity of mild. This is exceptionally speedy – the speed of mild is just less than 300,000 km for every second!

So much, we have not come even shut to this speed, the swiftest person-made object, a room probe, traveled at just 150 km for each next.

Supplied the suitable technological advancements, is it theoretically achievable for us to travel speedier than the speed of gentle, and as a result, like superman, vacation in time?

We asked 6 professionals in astrophysics, astronomy, and physics, ‘Is it achievable to time vacation by going more rapidly than the pace of light-weight?‘, right here is what we found…

Do we working experience time otherwise when we are traveling at velocity?

Einstein’s concept of relativity establishes that time is not universal – it is relative. The 1971 Hafele-Keating experiment located that a clock that was flown on an plane touring at velocity fell behind clocks that remained on the ground.

Far more just lately, specific atomic clocks have been uncovered to operate at distinct speeds when one particular is moved relative to the other. This phenomenon is termed ‘time dilation‘.

Dr Sean Matt, an specialist in astronomy and astrophysics from the University of Exeter in the Uk, states, “If one travels near to the pace of gentle, time behaves in another way than we are utilised to, and in this way, a single can transfer ahead in time more quickly than these remaining at the rear of. So it is theoretically feasible to travel to the long term, but one particular could not return.”


Is it feasible to travel quicker than the speed of mild?

All the gurus agreed that it is not achievable to vacation a lot quicker than the speed of light-weight, this is also specified in Einstein’s theory.

Dr Eric Tittley, an skilled in astronomy and astrophysics from the University of Edinburgh, clarifies, “It is clear that no object or information and facts can travel more rapidly than the pace of mild. It is not a issue of not possessing plenty of strength to drive it that quick. From an exterior point of view, any more electricity extra to a human body to get it to and previous the pace of light just asymptotically accelerates it to the pace of light.”

‘Asymptotically’ meaning anything gets closer and closer to the speed of light, but never ever very reaches it.

No object can travel faster than the speed of gentle due to the fact as objects travel quicker, they get heavier. Thus, it is only gentle that can travel at the velocity of light-weight – mainly because it has no mass.

The takeaway: Travelling at speed can modify your expertise of time, but time travel by touring quicker than the velocity of light is sadly not possible.

Article based on 6 specialist answers to this concern: ‘Is it achievable to time journey by likely faster than the speed of gentle?’

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