True lifestyle ‘time traveler’ promises human beings will get superpowers this year

Next up on the tale from a “time traveler” that was posted a number of times in the past, Javier, the “time traveler,” has claimed that human beings will get “superpowers” in 2021.

Considering the fact that February, Javier has been posting movies to his TikTok account @unicosobreviviente, which interprets to Lone Survivor, that statements he is a “time traveler” who has woken up in the year 2027. Because then, Javier has been posting updates about currently being in 2027, showing how there are no humans in his area, which is considered to be Spain. Look at video below.

Now, Javier has posted a new update stating, “Quite a few of you nevertheless will not think I am a serious-time traveler, so bear in mind these 5 dates“. The movie goes on to forecast the adhering to NASA finds mirrored Earth, opposite gravity, physics, motion on 8/3/21, classification 6 hurricane will strike South Carolina on 9/14/21, and will the worst in history, 8 individuals will get superpowers from intense power of the Sunlight on 10/20/21, 3 adolescents will locate a T-rex egg and a product to open a portal to an alternate universe on 12/14/21 and Atlantis is identified in the Atlantic Ocean and is housing human-fish lifestyle on 2/2/22.


  • 8/3/21 – NASA finds mirrored Earth, reverse gravity, physics, motion
  • 9/14/21 – Category 6 hurricane will strike South Carolina, will the worst in heritage
  • 10/20/21 – 8 individuals will obtain superpowers from serious energy of the Sunlight
  • 12/14/21 – Three young people will obtain a T-rex egg and a gadget to open up a portal to an alternate universe
  • 2/2/22 – Atlantis is observed in the Atlantic Ocean and is housing human-fish lifetime

As often with these varieties of movies, take the promises with a grain of salt as there is no scientific proof to back again up any of Javier’s predictions.