Time Traveller With Footage Of 2027 Is Returning To 2021

A ‘time traveller’ who promises to have frequented 2027 and witnessed ‘human extinction’ has posted again on TikTok to say that he’s coming back to 2021. Look at his unique video clip in this article:

The new clip he posted is fully text-primarily based, backed by horror film design audio.

At first posted in Spanish, the text sees him interesting for support from his followers, including that he had gotten utilized to being by itself but wants to go back again to 2021.

TikToker @unicosobreniniente, also acknowledged as Javier, says he managed to rapid forward six decades exactly where he knowledgeable ‘human extinction’, giving his 1.3 million followers with frequent updates.

For now, let’s put the issue of regardless of whether time journey is achievable to 1 side, because there are also some other discrepancies in his tale that we really should almost certainly tackle.

For starters, in spite of there remaining no people about (apart from Javier, of training course), it appears that you will find however entry to electricity and the net would seem to be working.

As well as there staying structures, cars and trucks and… oh wait, what is that…? Social distancing stickers on flooring…? Hmm. It’s Almost like he may well not in fact be a time traveller…

Alongside the video, which racked up 7.3 million views as nicely as around 740,000 likes and just about 25,000 remarks, Javier wrote the caption: “I just woke up in a clinic and I will not know what may have happened.

“Right now is 13 February 2027 and I am on your own in the metropolis.”

He added: “Humanity has been extinct, there is no just one in buying centres.”

Javier did upload videos just after the preliminary a person which showed vacant hospitals right after one particular of his uncertain followers requested him to go there and film.

Credit: TikTok/@unicosobreviviente
Credit history: TikTok/@unicosobreviviente

The clinic corridors are empty, but we could will need a minor a lot more evidence if we are expected to believe that that humans are to come to be extinct someplace among now and 2027 – just six a long time into the long run.

Commending on the initially video clip, a person particular person wrote: “Not doable, if he is posting then he’s in our current time. That and commercials and signs would glimpse distinct… and garments in outlets lol.”

People today ended up also swift to position out the point that there is footprints in the sand and transferring boats in the sea, as well as what would seem to be a person on a crossing.

Other films include things like him standing on a teach keep track of (do NOT attempt this at house), turning a Television on to discover no channels doing work, and a variety of streets and structures.

It’s almost as if you will find a curfew in place.

Hmm. Forgive us if we’re skeptical, Javier.