‘Time-Traveller’ Promises To Have Photographic Evidence Of Apocalypse

The man who goes by the name ‘Edward’ claims he was element of a top rated magic formula programme again in 2004, and was decided on to vacation to the year 5000.

In a movie posted by Apex Tv set, he even shares evidence of his journey, exhibiting a photograph of Los Angeles underwater.

Speaking about his time journey, he states: “I will explain to you a tale which will amaze you and you will be astonished.

It was unbelievable. I was standing on a large wooden platform. Not only me – homes, structures, autos, of class all designed from wooden.

“And soon after I realised it was the exact town, Los Angeles, but underwater.

“Just it was flooded and the whole town was underwater, and people [were] dwelling on the drinking water.”

Edward then points out how he achieved a male though on his journey, who explained to him how the ‘put up-apocalyptic’ flood really started.

“That all was due to the fact of world wide warming. Items of ice in both equally poles saw that plenty of had been melted, and the environment dropped under the drinking water,” he goes on.

“The flood took place simply because of also a great deal amount of Co2 in the environment, which stage by phase destructed the natural protect zone.

Credit: Apex TV
Credit: Apex Tv set

Eddie ain’t the only time hopper out there, even though. Not by a prolonged chalk.

On the other hand, according to NASA, it can be highly probably that all of these a lot of, many claims are utter rubbish.

A spokesperson after claimed: “Even though human beings can not hop into a time device and go again in time, we do know that clocks on airplanes and satellites journey at a various speed than those on Earth.

“We cannot use a time equipment to journey hundreds of yrs into the earlier or long term.

“That kind of time vacation only happens in textbooks and flicks.

“But the math of time journey does have an impact on the points we use each day, for illustration, GPS satellites.”

But they would say that, would not they?