Time pressure, time fairness, time vacation: A new podcast collection

What is time? Introducing: It can be About Time

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All the things that occurs in your existence – every single knowledge, each interaction, even each individual considered – is mediated by a person issue: time. That is why the term “time” is the most usually applied noun in the English language.

We talk about time all the time – how quickly or slowly but surely it appears to be to pass, how much or minimal of it we have, and how our previous and foreseeable future assess to our current. But we hardly ever talk about what time really is, how our perceptions of it condition our actions, and how altering these perceptions may possibly strengthen our lives. 

Our new podcast series hopes to transform that. Above the training course of six episodes, hosts Rebecca Asoulin and Eoin O’Carroll speak with authorities in physics, psychology, philosophy, society, historical past, science fiction, and a lot of other matters to assist unravel time’s mysteries. You’ll discover why time from time to time appears to be to gradual down, how Albert Einstein’s theories open up the chance for time travel, and how time enforces social hierarchies. We’ll also listen to from people who are preventing to assist us get our time back again.

We hope you’ll tune in. Because being familiar with time a lot more deeply can enable us make the most of the time we have.

This is the teaser for “It can be About Time,” our 6-aspect sequence that’s portion of the Monitor’s “Rethinking the News” podcast. To listen to episodes on our web-site or on your favourite podcast player, make sure you visit the “It really is About Time” sequence website page.

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This story was made to be read. We strongly stimulate you to experience it with your ears, but we comprehend that is not an option for everyone. You can find the audio participant over. For all those who are not able to hear, we have offered a transcript of the story below. 

Audio Transcript

Rebecca Asoulin: What is time?

Heather Dyke: There’s a quote from the physicist John Wheeler. He claims: ‘Time is nature’s way of halting all the things from taking place at at the time.’ 

Eoin O’Carroll: Is it a quantity on a clock?

Fuschia Sirois: Time is a assemble. It’s anything we use as a metric to quantify, I guess, our existence.

Rebecca: A continuum that we can travel through? 

Ted Chiang: Time is the alter in the state of the universe.

Eoin: Who gets to determine?


Rebecca: I’m Rebecca Asoulin, a storytelling editor for The Christian Science Check.  

Eoin: And I’m Eoin O’Carroll, a science writer for the Monitor.

Rebecca: And we’re the hosts of, “It’s About Time.” A new six-part science collection all about –

Eoin: – time.

Rebecca: We’ll be unraveling its mysteries. Chatting to physicists –

Alan Lightman: Before Einstein, time was regarded complete. A 2nd is a next is a 2nd.

Eoin: – a philosopher –

Heather Dyke: There is on each sides an urge to reconcile what it thinks is correct of time.

Rebecca: – an anthropologist –

Dorsa Amir: How you check out the future as opposed to now actually could have a sizeable affect on your conclusions. 

Eoin:  – a magician –

Debbie O’Carroll: One particular, two, a few, abracadabra!

Rebecca:  – a procrastination specialist –

Fuschia Sirois: Laziness is not procrastination. 

Eoin:  – and even another person attempting to make a time equipment!

Ron Mallet: I imagined, ‘This is it, this the matter that is going to let me to see my father all over again.’

Rebecca: Because knowledge time far more deeply can assistance us make the most of the time we have. 

Eoin: So if you really like psychology, or philosophy  –

Rebecca: – or if you enjoy time puns –

Eoin: – or if you are just another person who wants to use your time much more sensibly, sign up for us! 

Rebecca: We’ll quickly be releasing new episodes correct here on the Monitor’s “Rethinking the News” podcast. You can come across us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher. Just research, “Rethinking the News.” And subscribe to “Rethinking the News” to get notified about new episodes. 

Eoin: We’ll be dropping new kinds each individual week. 

Rebecca: Like clockwork.

Eoin: You could set your observe to it.


Rebecca: Properly, not your look at. Is not it broken?

Eoin: Nicely, it’s nonetheless proper –

Rebecca & Eoin: two times a day!