Reasons to visit Seoul

Reasons to visit Seoul

Reasons to visit Seoul

Dive into the lovely escapades of the city Seoul, it has a beautiful blend of culinary arts, multinational cuisines, tourist attractions and an enormous land for shopping. It comes across as a place with rich urbanization yet it has a lot of Heritage and Culture that is preserved in the heart of the city. The Gleaming city indulging in unique experiences and endless incredible places to visit; brims with unforgettable adventures. Being the capital city of South Korea it has a spectacular demeanor as a metropolis with brilliance in architectural constructions making beautiful skyscrapers that add strength to the city, the fun and exciting subways with clamor, the cultural stance of the city in the temples, and the heritage buildings owe a reason to visit Seoul- the bustling city. Fly into Seoul to discover the charming and contemporary lifestyle enriched with a great history.

Seoul is a place that welcomes tourists with some of the epic attractions that showcase the art, culture and diversity of the place. It is one of the modern cities equipped with the best technological developments. It fascinates everyone as it has an array of tourist attractions that has serene escapades for tranquillity lovers, the best food for the ones who love exploring succulent dishes, an amusement park for the ones who crave adventure, and museums and temples for the art and culture lovers.

Places to visit in Seoul:

 Seoul Tower: The peaks of the mountain offer a glimpse of the second-highest tower in Seoul. It gives a spectacular bird’s eye view of the city standing at a height of 236 meters in height from the iconic tower. The tower startling on the Namsan Mountain is the radio and communications observatory tower making itself a popular tourist spot. As you marvel at the astounding engineering of the tower it is hard to miss the succulent tastes at the Hancookrestaurant with lofty meals oozing delicious juices like grilled beef ribs marinated with soy sauce, roasted salmon with soy sauce, bulgogi pan-fried beef marinated with soy sauce and more, also dig into rich and large authentic American burgers: tower burger, smoke BBQ burger, etc, in N-grill. The tourist shuttle buses -NamsanSunhwan shuttles number 02 and 04 escorts the visitors to the perched gigantic tower.

National Museum of Korea: The history and art of Korea come alive in the flagship museum that represents the rich Korean history. It draws a whopping 3 million tourists every year. This ancient museum is listed as one of the largest museums in Asia. It makes regular exhibitions of archaeology, art, culture, and history. With a spacious layout, it is divided into 3 floors, the first-floor dedicates to the Prehistory and Ancient History Gallery comprising 4500 artifacts. The second-floor showcases around 890 arts of painting, calligraphy, and donation gallery. The third floor has approximately 630 Korean Buddhist sculpture and craftwork. Some spectacles in the collection are Gold Crown, Pensive Bodhisattva, Incense Burner, Celadon with Openwork, Ten-Story Pagoda from Gyeongcheonsa Temple, and Album of Genre Painting by Danwon.


Lotte World: A magical place indeed with amusements in every bit of the space the lotte world is an adventure place filled with activities, panoramic views, malls, and hotels. It is one place that is a must-visit on every tour. It is located in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, and has major attractions for tourists like a monorail which surely is breath-taking that premieres a tour for the visitors inside and outside the place, shopping malls with trendy and latest items, a luxury hotel to satiate the hunger, theaters, and museums. It is a world in itself that has entertainment activities in every genre. 

The Uncontested Michelin star restaurants

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Mingles- a restaurant that draws people with the specialties with relishing cuisines that keep exploring the traditions of Korea with uncompromising food. Enjoy Lobsters, Jang Trio, Lamb steak, and more luscious dishes with enchanting aroma and taste.