‘Picard’ Year 2 time travels to a surprising Star Trek timeline

The Following Generation’s foreseeable future is in peril.

In the most revealing teaser for Star Trek: Picard Season 2 but, the total premise of the series has been laid out. And, unlike any Trek year ahead of, it seems like the wide vast majority of the action in Picard Time 2 won’t just take put in the stars, but instead, right here on Earth.

Here’s the rub: Time travel will specially land the crew of the La Sirena in the 21st century. But how they are getting back in time and particularly when in the 21st century they’ll be arriving in is where things get appealing.

Here’s what the “Star Trek Day” Picard trailer reveals about Period 2 and what it suggests for the timeline of Trek as a whole. Speculation forward.

Picard meets the 21st century

On Star Trek Working day, Paramount+ verified Picard Season 2 would drop in February 2022, and the new season would see the return of the Borg Queen, this time played by actress Annie Wersching. And within the context of the period, the Borg Queen will assistance Jean-Luc and his buddies vacation in time, especially back to 21st century Earth. View the jaw-dropping trailer.

As hinted in former trailers, the return of Q (John de Lancie) is the catalyst for an alternate timeline in which the Federation is gone and changed by a totalitarian routine.

But how does that do the job inside the established timeline? Why would going to the 21st century alter just about anything?

Picard Year 2 time travel, described

Dr. Jurati and the Borg Queen in Picard Time 2.Paramount+

So, it appears there are 4 independent issues going on with the time-travel/alternate timeline action in the Picard Time 2 trailer.

  1. Q adjusted a little something in the earlier that has produced an alternate “present” in 2399-ish.
  2. Picard is hijacking the Borg Queen for time vacation, which implies the Borg’s time journey methods in the film 1st Speak to ended up beneficial and perhaps harvested by the Federation.
  3. Some thing in 21st century Earth is pivotal to correcting the timeline.
  4. There also appears to be to be one thing in Picard’s youth or his family’s timeline that is in some way related to all of this.

Continue to, the dilemma continues to be: Why the 21st Century?

The 21st century in Star Trek

Q in the 21st century.Paramount+

In the Star Trek timeline, a key war takes place prior to 2063, decimating a huge element of the inhabitants. But, in 2063, the Vulcans make Very first Call with humans, and every thing improvements for humanity.

But what about right before that? We really do not actually know how the early 21st century of the Trek timeline differs from our possess. In The Up coming Generation’s debut, “Encounter at Farpoint,” Q pointed out that various factions on Earth were violating human legal rights still left and proper. The standard tale of Star Trek has usually instructed us that the way humanity pulled out of this time period of time was simply because of 1st Make contact with and the invention of the warp travel.

Having said that, Picard Year 2 appears to be to advise there was a little something else going on in advance of that. Whichever the crew of La Sirena is investigating is by some means linked to a variation of the 21st century that seems to be quite a great deal like our personal. What the Star Trek twist on this could be is not rather clear still.

That reported, if Picard does in some way manage to retcon World War III (which has generally been looming in Star Trek’s foreseeable future), it could be a considerably even bigger deal than anyone realizes. Not only would it adjust Star Trek’s canon, but it also might give a very little hope to our personal time too.

Ideal now, in Star Trek’s timeline, WWIII is only about two many years away. Maybe Jean-Luc Picard is about to stop that from ever happening.

Star Trek: Picard Period 2 hits Paramount+ in February 2022.