‘Mandalorian’ Year 3 time journey principle erases the whole sequel trilogy

Star Wars is a television empire now. Although at initially the Tv set aspect of

Star Wars is a television empire now. Although at initially the Tv set aspect of the franchise was confined to The Clone Wars and Rebels (animated shows often viewed as superfluous to the major timeline), the achievement of The Mandalorian and the announcement of 9 new Star Wars collection signify there will soon be much more Star Wars shows than flagship motion pictures. Nonetheless, 1 wild new theory implies these two unique mediums may not be related at all.

The theory — Redditor u/ORION93 indicates the planet of The Mandalorian — and the other forthcoming Disney+ spinoffs Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic — exists in a different timeline from the sequel trilogy of videos. According to this principle, the two timelines diverged in the course of the “entire world concerning worlds” arc of Star Wars: Rebels, when Ezra Bridger was ready to preserve Ahsoka by using time journey. The timeline of The Mandalorian is the one wherever she survived, but the sequel trilogy of films exist in the timeline where by she dies.

Ezra and Ahsoka in the entire world amongst worlds.Lucasfilm

This describes why Ahsoka’s voice was in the montage of other lifeless Jedi for the duration of The Increase of Skywalker, and could even describe Ben Solo’s fall to the Darkish aspect. Devoid of Ahsoka, you will find no visit to Tython. Without the need of Tython, Grogu will not make the connect with to all the Jedi in the galaxy. Without the need of the phone, Luke does not teach Grogu. Without having Grogu exhibiting Luke how to cope with this sort of a highly effective (and reckless) padawan, Ben’s transformation into Kylo Ren appears to be inevitable.

This would let The Mandalorian to circumvent all of the things Star Wars followers did not like about the sequel films — like cranky Luke Skywalker — though without breaking canon. It also sets up what’s essentially a Star Wars multiverse, which clearly appears to be the trend these times with other significant franchises like Marvel and DC.

The difficulty — But for this to operate, The Mandalorian Season 3 could reincorporate the time vacation components from Rebels and established Ahsoka up for her very own collection, which is now speculated to incorporate some time travel by itself. It’s a single thing to mess with time journey in an animated series, but bringing the thought into reside-action Star Wars could be a stretch.

This concept actually is effective much more as a thought experiment than an real prediction for The Mandalorian Season 3. Soon after all, there are presently connections concerning the reveals and the videos — the proto-Snokes in The Mandalorian, for case in point — that make this difficult to imagine. Star Wars is 1 of the handful of franchises that doesn’t majorly include things like some sort of time travel with a number of timelines, and it’s unlikely Lucasfilm would generate off an overall third of its major canon so effortlessly.

Additionally, if the divergence issue of these two timelines is the “earth involving worlds” scene of Rebels, this would suggest the first trilogy is in a various timeline from The Mandalorian, which would not make much feeling thinking about primary trilogy easter eggs are taken care of like an artwork form by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

Talking of which, Filoni has also hinted that Ahsoka would not have to be lifeless to give Rey a boost in The Increase of Skywalker. So that quite a lot shuts the door on this trippy Mandalorian concept.

Ahsoka in The Mandalorian Period 2.Lucasfilm

The Inverse assessment — As substantially as some enthusiasts would like to pick and opt for among what is and isn’t really canon, the main nine films will generally be the core the rest of the Star Wars galaxy is developed around. And as a lot as I may want the rebellious teen Palpatine depicted in James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis to be canon, it isn’t. Canon isn’t really likely to often be fantastic for everyone, which is the gain of Star Wars: you will find so considerably in the Legends non-canon universe to discover if what is canonical doesn’t go well with you.

Even however it truly is probably not real, this concept proves just how influential a person character is as a entire. If it were not for Ahsoka, the entire trajectory of Star Wars would be distinct.

The Mandalorian Period 2 is now streaming on Disney+.