Incredible 1950 Westcraft Camper Trailer Places Your Airstream to Disgrace

You would likely agree with me that most new Cadillacs are, indeed, magnificent. Evaluate any of them with a far more pricey Rolls-Royce, while, and the gap would be distinct. Which is the situation with traditional Airstream campers and this astonishingly soft 1950 Westcraft Capistrano. In addition to its flawless, three-tone, blue-over-and-underneath-silver paint career, it flaunts an Art Deco-impressed interior featuring refinished birch wooden paneling, pine floorboards, time period appliances, and way much more for idealistic California living.

It’s on the auction block at Carry a Trailer with a existing superior bid of $240,000. The sale will not be complete right up until tomorrow so there is certainly a good deal of time for that amount to climb, which it will. It is nicer than your loaded uncle’s pool property and it can be towed wherever, which is wonderful. Only issue is, you’ve gotta belief other motorists not to smash the 33-foot trailer you might be pulling that might also price extra than your prosperous uncle’s pool residence.

As you would expect from something so posh, it truly is not long ago been redone by men and women whose names are talked about exclusively in the listing, like we must know who they are. Perhaps you do if you are into SoCal model, in which circumstance, congrats! This looks like your kind of RV.

Exactly what style of recreation this Westcraft is great for might be different than your typical camper as effectively. It’d be a shock to see this pull up at any national park, and the seller even offered a number of tips on how to use it. They include “a smaller property, guest household, pool residence, studio, workplace, gentleman cave, meditation retreat, museum exhibit, or as the centerpiece of a extremely great car or truck assortment.” They also described how it would not genuinely be suited for a closely trafficked VRBO, “but that is just their viewpoint.”