Four unforgettable places on Lake Orta

For those who love the sun kissing the water of the lakes, then the time has come to take a holiday on the shores of a Piedmontese jewel, Lake Orta. Here is a short and practical guide: 4 places that cannot be missing from your itinerary for the beautilful lake Orta 


Orta San Giulio is among the most beautiful vintage-style villages in Italy and only by seeing it can you understand the reason for its beauty. Wandering through its narrow streets, entering small appetizing (and expensive) shops and restaurants, you will have a feeling so romantic and picturesque that it will conquer you. Most of the houses were built with old roofs and uncultivated, abandoned gardens. Small piers overlook Lake Orta, always blue and spotlessly clean. In the morning it takes a quiet walk, also because in some periods of the year, there are few tourists around. It is precisely in the cool morning that you can fully enjoy the place, getting lost with the imagination in the maze of alleys, spied by old gates, take a walk and a stop in the garden of Villa Bossi, home of the Town Hall, which overlooks the lake. 


Since you are here, you should go to the island of San Giulio, a mystical and collected place, occupied almost entirely by a female monastery. The island can be reached in a few minutes on board small motor boats, both from Orta San Giulio and from Pella, on the other side of the lake. San Giulio is called the island of silence: the Path of Silence and Meditation winds around the abbey, where you can meet many signs that invite you to spirituality and reflection. 


At first glance, Omegna can make a bad impression. The 70s buildings on the lake shore are not exactly inviting. Yet we need to trust her, and it was her bond with Gianni Rodari that pushed us to do so. In fact, this sacred monster of children’s literature was born in Omegna and spent his first years of life here. The landscapes of Lake Orta remained in the heart of Rodari, which made the island of San Giulio the setting for some of its history.


Pella is located diametrically opposite to Orta S. Giulio. Every three Sundays they also organize the Great Market of Lake Orta, a second-hand and vintage market where you can find a little bit of everything, from books to furniture. The best thing to do here? Definitely enter a bar and enjoy excellent very special artisan ice creams.