Fostering nomadic dwelling in California

“Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to permit for 50 cents….” By the time country singer Roger Miller wrote these opening lyrics for his hit track “King of the Road” in 1964, the nationwide phenomenon of trailer travel and trailer parks was already a long time outdated, owning begun in the 1920s, and would explode in level of popularity with the hardship of the Depression in the 1930s.

The Desert Sun noted in 1936, “The trailer brigade is perfectly underneath way. And California, long the host to the globe, now plays host to a nation on wheels. The mushroom advancement of these cell houses fostering nomadic residing on an unparalleled scale is no considerably less than astonishing. Now there are much more than 300,000 and by following 12 months it is believed there’ll be half a million. And a dozen yrs therefore, say some sociologists, a quarter of the population will be totally free-wheeling it hither and yon in trailer homes.”